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Hi there! I am Fay!


Growing up in Xiamen, I was immersed in Chinese cultural heritages and values. At the age of 15, I moved to Vancouver, Canada for high school. And then at 18, I moved to Boston in the United States to study graphic design. I am now a graphic designer based in New York.

I chose design as my career because, in the sensitive time we live in, I see graphic design as the most effective medium in art to tackle the fundamental issues we are facing. I used design to address the social pressure that Asian women face in an interactive project called “No Pressure”. To have a small share in empowering women, I felt the need to challenge myself and took the project out to the street which led to precious conversations and meaningful human interactions. 

To me, art and life both require incessant exploration, while inclusiveness can make it easier to prosper. What I’ve gained from living in different places and interacting with diverse individuals intensifies my passion to be a great graphic designer. I look forward to collaborating with different talents and professionals. Let's chat if you would like to hire me / work on a project with me.