Fuck Content

In the article “Fuck Content”, Micheal Rock talks about the misconception that people often consider design as a transparent vessel, content as the wine and design should never take over content just like the glass should not take over the wine and people seem to accept the concept that developing content is more essential than shaping it. Micheal Rock argues that “It is not what it is about, it’s how it is about it.” I found his idea very interesting so I started this project aiming at designing something that’s all about its form and allow the content to be less important.

11-Fuck Content.jpg
11-fuck content 03.jpg
fuck content 04 copy.jpg

Printing both gradient and texts on acetate would makes the content very hard to read unless you hold it towards the light or a solid background. It is almost forcing the viewer to interact and play with the pages so that they can read it. Some of the texts are designed to be “broken” to decrease the legibility.

10-Fuck Content.jpg